ghd Platinum+ Hair Straightener review

The ghd Platinum+ offers beauty and intelligence wrapped up in a neat little package

The ghd Platinum+ is the newest iteration of the one hair tool that has truly stood the test of time - the ghd straightener. For nearly two decades the Leeds-born brand has been by our sides for all of our hair-styling needs with the best hair straighteners(opens in new tab) on the market. Over the years, the brand has treated us to several incarnations of its bestselling original styler, but this is such a departure from the norm that it stopped beauty fans across the globe in their tracks.

Unimaginable technology predicts your hair’s needs to deliver a high-quality salon-like finish that lasts for days, while a unique hinge enables users to clamp hair without too much strain. Streamlined plates also make for effortless waves. An all-round beauty queen that pulls off intelligent multitasking all while adding a touch of style to any dressing table, it's truly in a league of its own.

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While at $375 the ghd Platinum+ will set you back a little more than its sister tools, the luxury styler is a step above the rest. Not only does it come with smart technology hitherto undreamt of by ghd loyals, but it’s a visual treat too, and much like the ghd Helios(opens in new tab) (aka one of the best hair dryers(opens in new tab) on the market) is available in a range of stunning colours. On offer on the ghd website and a range of online beauty retailers, as well as a number of hair salons and high-street reliables such as John Lewis, House of Fraser and Next, the Platinum+ won’t give you any bother if you want to invest.


Price: $375

Weight: 561g

Cord length: 2.7m swivel cord

Warranty: Three years

Automatic sleep mode: After 30 minutes of inactivity

Universal voltage


With something almost provocative in its beauty, it’s the sexy siren of hair tools. Curved angles, delicate contours and a pearly matte finish draw you in, while its soft and understated clamping movement leaves you never wanting to put it down. In other words, if Jessica Rabbit was a hair tool, she’d be the Platinum+.

The clever 360º swivel cord allows for easy styling, especially when it comes to curling or waving your hair, while the rounded barrel helps things along by beautifully sitting in the contours of your hand. Uninterrupted flow from one plate to the other via a swanky wishbone hinge gives greater control over styling and there’s even a nifty little speaker that emits a chime when you turn it on and alerts you when the styler is preheated. It could become a slight inconvenience if your other half likes to sleep in later than you in the morning, but otherwise, it shouldn’t cause any issues.

Perhaps the only jarring feature of the tool’s design is the distance between the two styling plates. Historically, ghd straighteners have opened up quite wide so that users can easily clamp as much hair as they desire. So on first use, it does feel a bit odd and it can take a bit of getting used to if you’re a traditional ghd user. However, the narrower opening actually allows for greater control over the styler and means you don’t have to clamp the tool shut when straightening, saving you from classic hair-straightening achy-hand syndrome.

Oh, and did we mention that it comes in a selection of gorgeous colours? Of course, there’s the simple black and silver, but there’s also a striking cobalt blue, a deep scarlet and gold version and a limited-edition powder pink shade that has been created in collaboration with breast cancer charities. We love the shimmery white shade, which feels very chic.


Contoured edges, easy movement and sleek plates make this tool a dream to use. The wide plates mean that users can fit in a good chunk of hair, which, on the whole, comes out straight in just one swipe. Thicker and frizzier hair types could maybe do with a second swipe through, but being able to work on bigger chunks at a time means that styling is still much quicker than the Platinum+’s predecessors.

Speaking of its speed, the Platinum+ preheats faster than any styler we’ve come across. Preparing itself in just seconds, the tool is tailored towards ease and efficiency. And just like all trusty ghd tools, it also has an automatic sleep mode that kicks in after 30 minutes, meaning no more mid-morning meeting anxiety attacks over whether you turned them off before leaving the house.

If you’re one who likes to vary up your style, the styler’s rounded edges also allow for straightforward curling and waving. With the help of the swivel cord, users can wrap hair around the tool to create an effortless curl. Those with thicker hair may need to perform a slower movement to get results, but try to ensure it’s still a smooth action otherwise the floating plates can leave a kink. In our experience, if you’ve pre-straightened your hair the curls are likely to drop out after a couple of hours, so if you’re after a long-lasting wavy look a dedicated tong may be a better investment when it comes to curling. But for anyone who just wants to add a little movement this styler should do the job.


After years of using ghd straighteners and every time being left with a halo of fluffy ends just hours after styling, the assumption was that thick, frizz-prone hair may just be impossible to tame. But the Platinum+ has steamed in and dispelled all of those naively defeatist theories. Not only is the finish super straight and reflectively sleek, but locks feel thicker and stronger than after using previous stylers. Using the Platinum+ almost feels like stepping out of an expensive hair salon and results last for days rather than just hours – a seemingly impossible feat!


So you need a Platinum+ in your life to take your hair care routine seriously? Great choice.. but it doesn't have to be all serious... The Platinum+ comes in several fun limited edition colors and we can guarantee there is something for EVERYONE!



Anyone who’s been striving for a Herbal Essences finish ever since the 1990s needs the Platinum+ in their life. Its delicate plates manage to leave hair almost reflective without sacrificing on a long-lasting frizz-free look. It also reduces styling time by taking in larger sections of tresses than its predecessors.