What is cureplex?

Cureplex was launched in 2015 into the hairdressing industry. Cureplex is the new revolutionary product that is designed to be added into chemical mixtures in hairdressing services. For example; hair colouring mixtures. When a plex is added into these mixtures and applied to the hair, the product creates new bonds and buffers the existing ones to give the hair strength and elasticity. A plex enhances the condition and suppleness of the hair.

Is cureplex a colour?

No. Cureplex is not a colour we apply to the hair. Cureplex is an additive that is used in hair colour and other chemical services to strengthen hair.

Will Cureplex make me blonder like I see in the photos posted all around the internet?

The joy of going lighter is based on a number of factors. Each and every colour decision and application is individual to you. This is why we leave it to the professionals to do our chemical services. The following information will give you an idea of what we hairdressers consider about your hair during consultation.

  • The condition of the current state of your hair
  • How much lighter or darker you want to achieve
  • Your elasticity strength
  • Multiple elasticity strengths
  • Length of hair
  • Texture of hair
  • Density of hair
  • Multiple existing artificial and natural hair colour levels
  • What type of existing colours have been used in the hair, can it be removed safely?
  • How much work is involved in obtaining your desired shade and how complex it is to achieve
  • Contraindications to chemical services such as allergies, scalp sensitivity, existing chemical services, condition of hair, presence of metallic and vegetable compounds
  • Costs and maintenance involved for you

How do I know if this is right for my hair?

A professional hairdresser will be able to give you a full consultation about your hair. See your hairdresser prior to your service and discuss all you wishes, desires and concerns before treatment. A hairdresser in doubt may recommend a test strand prior to service.

What is the sustainer and why do I need to use it at home?

When the hair is treated with cureplex the hair has within it all the properties and ingredients that cureplex delivers. To keep the hair maintained at home and as it feels from leaving the salon, the manufacturer recommends you use the step 3 bi-weekly at home on the hair that was treated. Ideally at the minimum 2 times per week.

What happens if I run out of the sustainer or I discontinue use?

As above, to keep the hair in optimum condition manufacturers recommend the use of the treatment bi-weekly. Manufacturer’s instructions recommend that you continue the step 3 sustainer. This is no ordinary conditioner. Step 3 is part of a system of maintenance and for good reason. Your hairdresser will encourage this maintenance on lightening work performed by your hairdresser. A professional hairdresser will not push beyond the realms of colour without knowing its maintenance to begin with. Continual thermal styling for example, blow-drying, hot irons, curling. Mechanical stress, brushing, pulling, stretching. Chemical damage such as continual hair colours, bleach work, one after the other continually will wear anything down to the ground without protection. Same as your paint on your car. No paint protection, no polishing, no buffing, leaves this open for scratching, faded paint work, hail damage, weather worn out paint and more. Invest in your hair.

Can I colour my hair extensions?

Yes if they are 100% human hair.

I heard that Cureplex coats the hair, and there is some discussion about co-polymers or silicones coating the hair. Is this true?

No. A combination of scientific ingredient actions creates new connections in the hair structure to strengthen the existing hair structure. To keep it simple, the cuticle opens and the amino acids work as the connector between hair fibers. Simultaneously, the cysteine strengthens and the existing bonds open while the pvp around the hair prevents breakage during combing, application and mechanical stress. Step 2 Fuses new bonds and removes the protective layer created in step 1, fuses new bonds in the cortex. Step 3 is the continuation treatment to deliver emollients to enhance hair and shine at home and in between visits.

ARTICLE SOURCED FROM: http://kmpbeauty.com.au/2016/04/18/cureplex-the-secret-weapon-to-healthy-treated-hair/