Which Brush Does What?

Which Brush Does What?

Which Brush Does What

Knowing which brush to use for your hair type and indeed, for the particular style or result you desire can be tricky. There are so many different brushes available, it can quickly become confusing as to what to use when and why.

To help you out, we asked Raw Hair's owner/operator Anthony Nader to clarify.

The Round Brush

When you want to create a silky-smooth blow wave that's frizz-free and has plenty of volume, or you want a straight or slightly wavy finish, reach for a round brush. Pictured here is the Hi Lift Super Grip 100 Percent Boar Ceramic Brush, which also has a ceramic and tourmaline component to eliminate frizz and protect hair from damage.

Always section hair off before blow-drying and remember that the smaller size is best for shorter hair, while a very large barrel will help with voluminous waves or indeed, a sleek and straight shiny finish.

The Paddle Brush

Great for a quick blow-dry that still has a sleekness and style about it, this can also deliver a straight finish with heaps of shine. Pictured here is the ghd Styling Paddle Brush for mid to long hair.

The Crystal Brush

Hi Lift Crystal Brush Large or Small Six Rows is great for everyday hair maintenance for all types of hair. It massages the scalp as it detangles, leaving the hair shiny and smooth.

Teasing Brush - Backcombing Brush

The Teasing Brush or Backcombing Brush is essential for ladies who love volume at the roots. With its thick nylon bristles and tapered handle, the Hi Lift Teasing Hair Brush / Backcombing is ideal for creating the lift required for retro styles like a bee-hive, a gorgeous up-do, or even simply a 'messy bun'. Hot tip: the thin pointed end of the handle is perfect to section off your hair – much easier and neater than using your fingers. Also try ghd dressing brush.  

The Straightening Brush

Remington Keratin And Argan Oil Straightening Brush features Keratin and Argan Oil infused ceramic bristles to leave hair healthy and shiny as you style. Its advanced ceramic technology provides even heat distribution, which means that the bristles have smooth glide for effortless straightening as you brush. Suited to all hair types, it has heat settings that vary between 150°C - 230°C.

The Detangling Brush

Another absolute essential, this will smooth out knots and kinks without stressing strands, whether they’re wet or dry. SSS Detangle Brush has a comfortable mould-to-hand grip, works well on both wet and dry hair and the gentle style of bristle massages your scalp, minimising hair breakage and preserving your scalp's natural moisture.