Feather Artist Club SS Folding Razor, Injector Blades Replacement PROGUARD Dispenser (15 blades) PG-15

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Artist Club ProGuard Blades, recommended for a safe and comfortable shave. Manufactured to the highest quality standards and designed for professional use you can expect them to provide the closest and smoothest shave possible. The "Pro Guard" blades are designed specifically for comfort and safety. By wrapping the blade in a protective wire cage a comfort margin is maintained between the blade edge and the skin. The wire guard also virtually eliminates nicks and cuts


  • Feather Pro Guard PG Single Edge Blades, Engineered for performance, quality and safety
  • 0.15mm thick and have a blade exposure of 1.2mm
  • One-touch mechanism enables easy, sanitary and safe insertion of new blades
  • The blades have a safety guard for added protection and are supplied in an injector dispenser
  • Feather is renowned for their Japanese quality and design

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