Flip-it Dispenser Cap System - Save Time & Save Money NO MORE WASTE

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No more shaking, pounding, leaning or cutting to get product out of your bottles. Now it’s easy to Get Every Dropwith Flip-It!

Balance your bottle upside down on the unique tripod Dispensing Stand
Push/pull valve makes it easy to squeeze out product
To avoid leaks, the bottle wobbles when you haven’t shut the valve completely
Easy to clean and reuse — top-shelf dishwasher safe
Food-Grade and BPA-Free — safe for the whole family

Remove your bottle’s original cap or pump, and replace it with Flip-It!

Stand your bottle upside down. Gravity moves the product down into the bottle’s neck, so all you have to do is open the valve and squeeze

Every Flip-It! Bottle Emptying Kit includes the Flip-It! Dispensing Stand, plus Small, Medium and Large Adapters.
You can use the Dispensing Stand alone for bottles with XL necks, like honey, half-gallon bottles and ranch dressing … or add one of the adapters to fit bottles with smaller necks. Thanks to these 4 sizes, Flip-It! fits most standard screw-top bottles worldwide.

Salon Owners

GET EVERY DROP out of your bottles.

Add Flip-it! to back bar bottles and use every drop of product that would normally be left in the bottom

NO MORE cutting open, balancing, shaking, pounding and struggling to get the rest of your product out

The solution: Flip-It!® Bottle Emptying Kit

Stand those bottles upside down with Flip-It! and let gravity do the work, so it’s easy get every ounce of product.

Flip-It will:

Save time and money
Reduce frustration
Eliminate waste
Increase your revenue!

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