CPAP Hose Lift System Arm for CPAP Machine Hose - Fits Under Any Mattress / Bed

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Designed for individuals who find themselves tangling or twisting their CPAP tubing throughout the night the CPAP Hose Lift by Arden Innovations eliminates these common problems by positioning your tubing above the bed using a lightweight under-the-mattress tubing holder. At less than 8oz the Hose Lift is perfect for home use and for travel using the provided 8"x5" travel bag. Don't fight with your tubing all night long - use this lightweight ingenious tubing holder to keep your CPAP hose out of the way while you get the best possible night's rest!


The Hose Lift breaks down to fit in an 8" x 6" travel bag (included)
The Hose Lift fits into your luggage and makes traveling with the Hose Lift easy.


Light Weight
Travel Friendly
Semi-self erecting
Able to be used with any mattress system
Universal to any CPAP system
Durable construction

Hose not included

the base measures 21cm x 13cm
the height of the stand is 97cm

"I must tell you I had the Best Night sleep ever last night with the host lift you sold me what a difference I put it on the side of the bed it would work heaps better on the back of the bed but the hose is not long enough to have it at the back where it will work so much better above my head. Dorothy"

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