Mason Pearson Handy Nylon Ivory N3

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Mason Pearson Handy Nylon Brush

Detangler  - smooth nylon bristles - perfect for detangling wet hair

 Cleaning brush included


Brushing and Detangling coarse or thick hair in all lengths.

Great for working out knots and tangles after shampooing, boar bristles should never be used on wet hair

Well suited for all-round use for dense or coarse hair.

Six rings of nylon bristle tufts, each with 2 short and 1 long filament.

Pneumatic rubber cushion regulates the penetration of each tuft to effectively condition the hair and scalp.   

Overall size is 8 1/2 by 2 1/2 inches.

Special cleaning brush included.

Nylon bristle is highly recommended for extremely thick hair or for detangling hair of any length. The handmade brush has pure nylon spired bristle tufts set in the pneumatic rubber cushion. The durable nylon bristle, with specially rounded ends, easily penetrates the hair strands to detangle while massaging and stimulating the scalp. The patented pneumatic cushion conforms to the contours of the scalp, which optimizes brushing with minimal effort, no scalp irritation and no pulling or split ends. Your hair will look and be clean, healthy, shiny and detangled without pain or tears.

  • Keeps hair healthy and glossy by cleaning the hair and stimulating the scalp by increasing blood flow to the hair roots. 
  • Detangles wet or dry hair.
  • Spired uneven tufts of 100% nylon are set in a pneumatic rubber cushion that conforms to the scalp and enables each individual tuft to penetrate the hair to stimulate the scalp without irritation. 
  • Detangles and stimulates the scalp without irritation. 
  • Keeps hair healthy and glossy by cleaning the hair and stimulating the scalp. 
  • Gentle to scalp and hair
  • Enhances hair's shine, strength and sheen by stimulating the sebaceous glands in the scalp and spreading the natural conditioning oil. 


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