Olaplex No.1 - 525ml Bond Multiplier with pump.

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Adding to Lightener for foils
Pay special attention to the scoop size of bleach powder you are using. Scoop sizes vary. The amount of Olaplex used depends on the amount of bleach powder being used, not the amount of both developer and bleach powder combined.*
1. Mix bleach and developer together.
**Olapex may increase processing time. To avoid this, increase your level of developer.
Use 20vol. when trying to achieve 10vol. results.
30vol. for 20vol. results
40vol. for 30 vol. results
When mixing developer with ½ ounce (15grams) scoop of bleach, add 1/8 ounce (3.75ml’s) of Olaplex.
When mixing developer with 1 ounce (30 grams) scoop of bleach add ¼oz of Olaplex.
2. Use the attached dosing dispenser to measure the correct amount of Olaplex needed.
3. Add Olaplex to your pre-mixed lightener and mix thoroughly.
Note: You may add more bleach power if necessary to achieve desired consistency. We recommend remixing a new bowl of lightener and Olaplex if more than 1oz of bleach powder is needed.
Please use the same precautions as you always have when working with lighteners.


Use 1/8oz (3.75ml) Olaplex per ½ ounce scoop of lightener for Balayage.
Add measured amount of Olaplex to pre-mixed lightener and mix thoroughly
The amount of Olaplex used in Balayage varies to the volume of developer being used with Balayage lightener. If the highest volume of lightener you are using is 40vol. please note that with Olaplex you are working with a 30vol. result. Heat using an attached diffuser may speed up the processing time. You may also add 1/16oz No. 1 for faster better lift if working within time constraints.
*It is common knowledge that bleach has a heat reaction to chlorine and other mineral deposits found in water and on hair. If you are having a heat reaction, this is not caused by Olaplex. This is caused by bleach interacting with minerals. Please rinse hair immediately if this occurs.
Cream Bleach = for every 1.5 oz of cream bleach you use add ¼oz (7.5ml) of No.1 Bond Multiplier. If you use more than 1.5oz cream bleach you do not use more No.1 Bond Multiplier you still only use 1/4oz of Olaplex.
Use 1/8oz Olaplex for any quantity of cream bleach under 1.5oz.
Processing Time of Lightener: THIS VARIES. We cannot tell you an average or approximate, as every head of hair is different. There is no norm, but we do know that it takes longer to process, but that is okay because good hair is worth the extra time. Heat: Heat is okay with Olaplex, but heat speeds up the chemical reaction of everything so be watchful and check every 3 to 5 minutes as you normally would. If hair is severely compromised, refrain from using heat until the reparative system has been used to restore the health, strength and integrity of the hair. Bumping up developer: Only bump up developer one full notch when mixing lightener. Do not bump up developer with base color or high-lift lighteners.
**Do not bump up the volume with lightener with baby fine hair as it is very fragile to begin with.
**Do not bump up developer volume for on-scalp bleach.
**Do not bump up for base color or gloss toners.

Olaplex may be added to your on-scalp lighteners, but we do not recommend using more than 20vol on the scalp. Longer processing time may occur.

Olaplex works great on extensions.

What do you do with a client that has very damaged, over processed hair and they want to color? We suggest doing the Olaplex Treatment (Diluted Olaplex Formula followed by Olaplex No.2 on their hair first, a couple of times, the days before, if you can. If you’re not sure, do a test strand! (See recipe below).

Never add more than 1/8oz (3.75ml) of Olaplex to your base or gloss color. You do not need to increase volume of developer for your base or gloss color. Only add Olaplex to glosses that have a 10 min. or longer processing time. You can overlap and use Olaplex in every single process.

You may use No.1 Bond Multiplier diluted with water as a treatment. Mix 15% 1/2oz (15ml’s) of Olaplex No.1 with 3oz (85ml’s) of tap or bottled water in an applicator bottle.
Saturate hair from roots to ends. Comb through.
Process for 5 minutes and towel dry. Do not rinse.
You may apply any root or all over glosses.
Rinse well, towel dry and proceed to Olaplex No. 2 directions for an added treatment.

If you are highlighting and then toning, you do not need to shampoo the lightener out. You can rinse, towel dry and then apply toner with No.1 Bond Multiplier added. Rinsing stops the activation process of the lightener. However, if you feel more comfortable, you may shampoo and then proceed with toner.

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