Remington Infinite Protect Hair Curling 32mm Tong 140-210°C Ceramic - CI8605AU

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Advance Ceramic Coated Barrel infused with Shea Oil & UV Filters


Do you love beachy waves, a textured ponytail or Hollywood glamour curls but worry
that heated styling might cause damage and colour fading? Worry no more because the
Infinite Protect Curling Tong comes with the Infinite Protection Technology that
ensures your curls are protected for long lasting vibrancy & shine.

The Curling Tong senses contact with the hair when it's wrapped around the barrel
and adjusts the temperature automatically to prevent overheating. And the Advanced
Ceramic coating on the barrel transfers micro conditioners infused with Shea Oil
and U.V. filters for extra protection.


- Intelligent sensor senses contact with your hair and constantly adjusts the barrel
temperature to provide protection against overheating
- Advanced Ceramic coated barrel infused with Shea Oil & U.V. filters
- Digital variable heat settings 140°C - 210°C
- Turbo boost function
- Sensor on/off button & LED indicator
- 30 second fast heat up
- Memory function remembers the last temperature used
- Temperature lock function
- Turbo boost function
- 32mm barrel with clip
- Automatic safety shut off
- Automatic worldwide voltage
- Salon length 3m swivel cord
- Heat protection stand

5 year warranty

Pack Includes:

- Infinite Protect Curling Tong
- Heat resistant pouch

What is Infinite Protection Technology?

All the products within this range work on the same principle, whereby the unique combination
of an Intelligent Sensor and Advanced Ceramic coating infused with Shea Oil & U.V. Filters work
together to help increase protection against repeated heat styling and exposure to U.V. Sunlight
for long lasting vibrancy and shine. To our knowledge, no other brand uses this combination of
technologies to deliver protection benefits.

What is the Intelligent Sensor and how does it work?

The sensors featured within the Straightener, the Hair Dryer and the Curling Tong have been developed
around the insight that with repeated cycles of heat styling consumers become increasingly concerned
with hair damage.
Cycles of heat styling causes the hair cuticle to become more porous, brittle and weak meaning that
moisture and colour lose is accelerated through the damaged cuticle. This means hair would look dull,
dry, especially towards the tips.

What is the Advanced Ceramic coating infused with Shea Oil & U.V. Filters and how does it work?

Remington have patented the integration of conditioning agents within Advanced Ceramic to provide next
generation Advanced ceramic conditioning. The Shea Oil and industry standard U.V. Filters have been added
to our PDMS micro-conditioning coating which has been specially developed for its compatibility with high
grade ceramic and its ability to emit the exact amount of “molecular hair care conditioning” through the
coating onto the hair.
Molecular hair care conditioning is distributed deep within the coating (invisible to the eye) but as the
ceramic heats, a delicate sheen will appear on the surface and the ceramic will become smoother.
Like conditioners in wet goods the micro-conditioners transfer to the hair helping to smooth over and
fill in any breaks & cracks on the hair shaft, creating a barrier to lock in moisture for beautiful
softness & vibrant shine.

What is Shea Oil?

Shea Oil is an extraction from the nut of the African Shea tree. Shea oil is rich in Vitamin E and is widely
used in Shampoos, Conditioners and Skin Care products to help soften and smooth dry hair and skin.
It is also proven to provide protection against harmful U.V. rays from the sunlight.

What are U.V. Filters?

Industry standard U.V.A & U.V.B filters have the power to form a protective barrier to absorb harmful
U.V. rays from the sunlight before it penetrates and damage your hair, making hair looked dull & brittle
and broken with split ends.

Do Shea Oil & U.V. Filters transfer to hair during styling?

Yes, on all products within the range, the micro-conditioning coating infused with Shea Oil & U.V. Filters
transfer to the hair in a notable amount and are detectable on the hair after use. The Shea Oil and
U.V. Filters additives are not individually detectable but carried within the conditioner molecules.

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