Revlon Professional Eksperience Hydro Nutritive Senses Gift Set

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Revlon Professional Eksperience Hydro Nutritive Senses Gift Set: Eksperience Marine Face Mist 100ml, Eksperience Hydro Nutritive Hydrating Hair Cleanser 250ml, Eksperience Hydro Nutritive Hydrating Hair Mask 200ml


  • Revlon Professional Eksperience Hydro Nutritive Hair Cleanser is a mild washing solution that cleanses and cares for dry and damaged strands. In fact, while gently removing daily impurities, this shampoo also focuses on replenishing depleted hair. Dryness is the result of damage in the hydrolipidic film that, in turn, results in the loss of moisture and nutrients. The origin of this concern can come from environmental aggressors or stress factors and should be addressed through a specific care regimen. With this in mind, Revlon Professional created the Eksperience Hydro Nutritive line – a range of products that first and foremost provides deep nourishment and hydration
  • Revlon Professional Eksperience Hydro Nutritive Hair Mask is a multipurpose and intense hair treatment that promises to improve the overall appearance of dry and damaged hair. As part of the Eksperience Hydro Nutritive collection, this mask is able to replenish depleted hair, through an action that is simultaneously moisturizing and hydrating. Furthermore, while it increases elasticity, the Eksperience Hydro Nutritive Mask also helps to reinforce the hair cuticle. Last but definitely not least, in addition to its powerful nourishing properties, this mask equally works as a regular conditioning product. In fact, with each application, you will be able to enjoy more manageable strands that feel silky soft to the touch
  • A gentle, refreshing fine mist to hydrate and remineralize skin while encouraging self‐care & mindfulness thanks to its exclusive relaxing fragrance
  • Eksperience™ is committed to the environment by delivering the cleanest formulas possible while guaranteeing professional performance
  • This formula is vegan, without unnecessary colorants and without silicones

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