Tint Bowls & Applicators

Explore our range of professional tint bowls and brushes for your hair salon. These colour bowls and brushes are ideal for colour application and will help you enhance your techniques. From tint bowls with measurements to brushes and combs, our collection offers a variety of options to suit your specific colour application needs.

Colour Bowls & Brushes

Our tint bowls and brushes feature elite materials to ensure superior quality and durability. Made to withstand the demands of a busy salon environment, these professional bowls and colour brushes are designed to last. Our tint bowls are designed with precise measurements and easy-to-read markings, allowing you to accurately measure and mix hair colour formulas. Achieve consistent and customised colour blends, ensuring that you can provide your clients with their desired hair shades. Enjoy the convenience and accuracy of tint bowls that streamline your colour mixing process.

Our selected colour brushes prioritise comfort and ease in the colour application process. With ergonomic handles and bristles, our tint brushes provide excellent control and allow for precise and even colour distribution. With well-designed hair salon applicators, you can work efficiently and achieve precise results. Achieve seamless colour application, covering roots, lengths, or specific sections without any obstacles.

We understand that different colour techniques require specific applicators. That's why our collection includes a variety of tint bowls and brushes to suit your specific colour application processes. Choose from different sizes, shapes, and bristle types to match your preferred colouring techniques, whether it's balayage, foiling, or all-over coverage.

Upgrade your salon’s colour application techniques with our prime range of hair tint bowls and brushes. These hair products are the perfect addition to your salon, designed to achieve precise and efficient hair tinting.

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