Trichoderm Black Series Men - Intensive Hair Reactive Serum

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TRICHODERM BlackSeries Intensive Hair Reactive Serum for men is a premium next-generation leave-on serum that helps redensify and thicken the hair and restore the hairs elasticity and strength. Powered by TrichoCell Deep-Seated Self-Regeneration Technology, TRICHODERM helps reactivate hair growth and reduce hair loss by targeting hair follicle stem cells and supplying nutrients essential to the hair


  • A unique Trichological Complex with essential hair growth nutrients
  • An active, Phyto-synthetic, and anti-hair loss substance that helps stimulate hair growth and helps condition and strengthen the capillary system with the help of active nutrients at the level of the hair bulb
  • Plant Stem Cells Based Leave-On Intensive Hair Reactive Serum
  • Redensify and thicken the hair, and restore the hair's elasticity and strength
  • Rejuvenate hair growth by targeting hair follicle stem cells. Protect and vitalise dermal stem cells

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