Wahl KM10 2-Speed Brushless Pet Dog Horse Clipper with 1-4 Metal Comb Guide

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Wahl's KM10 is a heavy-duty 2-speed professional clipper designed for tackling the toughest animal coats with ease.


Key Features


  • Extremely Quiet: Our engineers designed this clipper to be extremely quiet for noise-sensitive animals, keeping them comfortable and calm
  • Brushless Motor: Powerful 2-speed brushless motor gives you 10,000hrs of motor life and constant speed control, delivering more power and torque on tough coats (Rotary Motor - 3,000 & 3,700rpm)
  • Constant Speed Control: Automatically delivers more power and torque to cut through the thickest of coats without bulking down
  • Ideal for all coats: The KM10 is ideal for body clipping and trimming on all animal coats including dogs, cats, horses, and livestock.


Product Description

Ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand, the KM10 is lightweight and balanced for increased wrist, elbow and shoulder comfort. This makes it ideal for users suffering, or may suffer, from arthritis/carpel tunnel as the design of the clipper helps prevent wrist fatigue.
The KM10 runs quietly to keep noise-sensitive animals comfortable and calm. The Brushless Motor has an extended life of 10,000 hours and has been engineered to run cooler, quieter whilst providing more torque and power of 3,700rpm. Attached is our #10 Medium Ultimate Series Blade which features a 1.8mm (1/16”) cutting length, which is designed to provide a smooth cut and show quality finish.
Ideal for body clipping and trimming all animal coats including dogs, cats, horses, and livestock.

Kit Includes: KM10 Clipper, detachable #10 ultimate competition blade set, charger, cleaning brush, blade oil.

Make your clipper last:
Help maintain the longevity of your clipper by using the cleaning brush provided and regularly oiling the blades with Wahl Clipper Oil. Additionally, make sure the animal is clean before clipping, as this will give you a better cutting experience and ensure the durability of the blades.


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