Wahl Professional Cordless Senior Clipper + Vanish Shaver + White Case Combo

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Wahl Professional Cordless Senior Clipper + Vanish Shaver + White Case Combo


  • The Wahl Cordless Senior clipper is the clipper of choice for professionals. It’s designed to create seamless blends while hard or soft line fading. There’s a handy lever for adjusting the taper and texture, making it perfect for sculpting a fade on the fly. It’s perfect for over comb work and any bulk hair removal, no matter what the length or texture
  • It’s powered by a rotary motor with a lithium ion battery that has a 70 minute run time off one charge. The included blade is a 2191 adjustable 0000. Since it’s from Wahl, you know it’s backed by one hundred years of quality and integrity, as well as a warranty. Get quality results with our most powerful motor, designed with our Precision Fade Blade that glides through the thickest of hair like a hot knife through butter. Can be adjusted to true zero-overlap
  • The Wahl Professional 5 Star Vanish Shaver is the ultimate tool for barbers looking for a clean finish and a smooth shave without bumps or irritation. The shaver also features a premium lithium-ion battery ensuring the shaver will get most barbers through a typical day without a recharge
  • Premium lithium-ion battery provides a 100+ run time on a single charge and smart LED battery level indicator. Designed with ergonomics in mind, allowing for comfortable and extended use throughout the day
  • Kit includes: - Cordless Senior Clipper - Vanish Lithium-Ion Shaver - White Case

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