Wahl Traditional Barbers 3 Piece Wenge Wood Premium Shave Set

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We recommend Badger hair shave brushes for the most enjoyable shave and best results. Badger brushes are softer than many other materials and have the ability to retain more water than other hair types. Silver Tip is the highest grad of badger hair. It is rare and has a luxurious soft feel that provides a traditionally opulent shaving experience. This Silver Tip Pure Badger Brush mixes silver tip hair with pure badger hair, which is ideal for exfoliating and lathering traditional soaps and creams. This kit also comes with a Double Edge Safety Razor that offers a close shave and less maintenance than a straight edge blade. They have a proactive guard positioned between the edge of the blade and the skin to reduce the chance of cutting yourself when shaving. These products are designed with Wenge Wood, making it a timeless shave set. You can display and store your premium shave set on the bathroom counter with the stylish stand provided


  • Premium Silver Tip / Pure Badger Brush exfoliates and lathers skin
  • Double Edge Safety Razor provides a close, smooth shave
  • Stylish stand to hold products on
  • Designed with Wenge Wood & Metal
  • Kit contains: 100% Silver Tip Pure Badger Brush, Double Edge Safety Razor, Metal Stand

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