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Bond Perfector. Apply to hair after service, restoring strength, structure and integrity of hair. 

Olaplex is not just for colour clients! You can use Olaplex Backbar No. 2 in a range of ways on virgin or chemically treated hair to repair and protect. Discover the Olaplex Mini Treatment and a range of applications below:

EXPRESS MINI TREATMENT Clarify the hair if there is any product build up present, rinsing will suffice if hair is clean. Towel dry, then apply a generous amount of No. 2 for a minimum of 10 minutes. Then simply shampoo and condition.
TOP TIP: This repairs hair prior to a haircut or blow-dry and is a fantastic way to introduce clients to Olaplex. For clients who are not having colour or chemical services.

CUTTING LOTION Save even more time by using Olaplex No. 2 as a cutting lotion when you are doing a mini treatment as above. Simply offer as an add-on to their cut and blow-dry. TOP TIP: Don’t forget to always shampoo and condition before drying/styling.

DETANGLE After backcombing, rinsing highlights, or simply with tangled or hard to manage hair, you can apply Olaplex No. 2 to detangle for ease of future colour application or cutting. Olaplex is great for taming unmanageable hair and preventing tangles.
TOP TIP: This is also great for children – apply a quick Olaplex treatment to tame ratty, unmanageable hair

BOOST NATURAL CURL By increasing elasticity, Olaplex can take your client’s hair back to its natural texture and elasticity. Use mini treatments of No. 2 to reform lost curls on over-processed hair. TOP TIP: You can even use a small amount of Olaplex No. 2 as a leave-in and blow dry into the hair

SOFTEN WIRY, GREY HAIR Utilising Olaplex No. 2 to soften wiry, grey hair is a perfect way to offer clients who may not have colour or chemical services the benefits of Olaplex. Simply perform the express mini treatment as above.

BEARD TREATMENT Apply on cleansed beard with mascara wand to ensure it does not contact skin. Avoid areas around lips and mouth, saturate with No. 2. Let sit 15 minutes, rinse, shampoo, and condition.


Olaplex No. 2 can be used as more than just the final step in an Olaplex Service Upgrade. There are a range of ways you can maximise its reparative benefits when performing chemical or colour services in your salon. Check out all the uses of Backbar No. 2 below:

SINGLE PROCESS When working with single process colour, use 1/2 the amount of No. 2 with the colour that you intend to refresh the client’s ends with. Mix it thoroughly and apply to ends and time as usual. The ends will be in better shape and the colour will last longer as a result of using the No. 2 with it.

DIRECT DYES You can use Olaplex No. 2 as a replacement for clear gloss or conditioner to dilute the colour in direct dyes. Adds protection whilst colouring and boosts longevity and vibrancy of the colour! TOP TIP: you can also mix Olaplex No.2 with take-home custom conditioner mixes to continue the reparative process at home PROTECTIVE

TOOL FOR ON-SCALP LIGHTENING Apply No. 2 on previously lightened line of demarcation prior to bleach touch-ups to help prevent overlapping. If over-lapping occurs, Olaplex will work to repair bonds broken.

EXTRA TLC WHILE PROCESSING Dampen the hair left out while processing root colour, highlights, or relaxer retouch and apply No. 2 to these sections. Avoid areas where colour or relaxer is being processed. The client then receives a treatment while they wait for the rest of their colour to process.
TOP TIP: When retouching highlights, apply No. 2 on previously lightened ends to strengthen and protect them while processing.

REPARATIVE BOOST WHEN FOILING After a foil application, treat the hair in between the foils by applying Olaplex No. 2. When some of the hair being foiled has processed, remove the foil, wipe off the lightener and apply Olaplex No. 2 while the other foils continue to process.

COLOUR CORRECTIONS Utilise the No. 2 as frequently as possible when doing colour corrections. For example when there are many sessions of lightening or when you are working with drastic colour changes. Apply Olaplex No. 2 after every single lightening service.
TOP TIP: it is important to rebuild the bonds in the hair before each round of lightening

PERM PREPARATION Mix No. 2 and protein treatment, equal amounts, apply to client and place under dryer with no cap until hair is dry. Using a spray water bottle, remoisten the hair and continue to wrap the perm. This strengthens and preps hair for the perm service.

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