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SSS Hair brings to you an array of mannequin heads from leading brands such as Dateline, Hi Lift, SSS, and more that you can choose from. Nicki Two Tone Blonde & Light Brown Human Hair Mannequin #60 + #08 18" 45cm, Tiana Light Blonde 100% Real Indian Remy Hair Mannequin Tafe #60 18" 45cm, Sarah Brown 100% Real Indian Remy Hair Mannequin Tafe #8 22" 55cm, and more are some of the best selling mannequin heads we have at our online store, all available at competitive prices. Browse through our collection of superior-quality mannequin heads and make your purchase at SSS Hair today!

Mannequin Heads for Hairdressing Training

These mannequin heads are ideal for your professional hair salon. These mannequin heads with hair are realistic and versatile, allowing you to perfect and showcase your hairstyling skills.

Our selected range of hair mannequin heads are carefully crafted to replicate the look and feel of natural human hair. Each mannequin head features realistic hair density, texture, and colour, allowing you to practice and experiment with hairstyles that closely resemble those of your clients. With these mannequin heads, you can develop your skills with a true-to-life experience.

Our diverse range of hair mannequin heads gives you the opportunity to test out multiple hairstyling techniques. Whether you're practicing cutting, colouring, braiding, updos, or any other style, our mannequin heads provide you with a versatile canvas to showcase your creativity. Experiment with different looks, test new techniques, and master your skills with confidence.

We understand that durability is essential for a reliable training tool. We have ensured that these selected hair mannequin heads are made from high-quality materials that are designed to withstand frequent use and manipulation. With proper care, these mannequin heads maintain their shape, hair quality, and longevity, providing a long-lasting solution for training and practice.

These mannequin heads come with various mounting options, including clamps and tripods, for secure placement during hairstyling sessions. This allows you to work on the mannequin head at different angles, mimicking the positions you would encounter when styling real clients. The stability and flexibility of these given mounting options enhance your training experience.

Elevate your hairstyling abilities with our high-quality hair mannequin heads. Experience the difference that realistic mannequin heads can make in perfecting your techniques and showcasing your skills. From long-haired to short-haired, straight to curly, our collection offers a variety of options to suit your specific hairstyling needs.

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