Tripods & Clamps

These tripods and mannequin head clamps are the perfect base for a long, efficient hairdressing session. Our luxe selection of mannequin tripods is designed to give you ultimate stability and convenience during the hairstyling process.

Mannequin Tripods & Clamps

Our tripods and clamps provide a stable and reliable base for hairstyling. Offering adjustable height and angle options, these tripods and clamps enable you to freely position your work area for optimal access and visibility. With an adjustable structure, you can easily move around the styling station, ensuring convenience and ease. Experience even more flexibility due to the tripods’ lightweight and portable features that make them easy to transport. Our tripods are extremely convenient, with special features such as folding up for easy storage. This allows you to work efficiently in different areas of your salon or take them on-location for events or photoshoots. Achieve convenient and comfortable working positions that enhance your hairdressing experience.

Our clamps are specifically designed to securely hold mannequin heads or hair extensions, providing a firm grip during styling sessions. The clamps are adjustable and provide a tight hold, ensuring that your work area remains sturdy. Achieve precise and controlled styling with clamps you can rely on.

Our variety of mannequin tripods and clamps are ideal for practicing and perfecting various styling techniques. Our adjustable tripod stands provide the stability and convenience needed to execute complex styles with precision. Elevate your styling techniques and unleash your creativity with reliable tripods and clamps.

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