Parlux 3800 Ceramic and Ionic Dryer 2100W - Black

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The eco friendly hairdryer


The new Parlux 3800 recyclable ionic/ceramic dryer has been designed to fit perfectly between the famous 3200 and award-winning 3500 dryers but with a patented silencer to reduce noise a lighter but considerably stronger motor and more airflow. In addition all components and packaging use recyclable non-toxic materials. Parlux has upped the ante once again with this stupendous new model.


- Two unbreakable nozzles
- Highly flexible 3m long cable
- Air Flow: 75 cubic meters/hours
- 18.5cm in lenth
- Motor: K-LAMINATION®- Watt 135
- Motor- Fan electronic balancing
- 2 x 16 amp switches- heavy duty solid silver contacts
- 2-speeds 4 temperature settings
- Immediate cold air microswitch
- Built-in nickel chrome heating element and safety thermostat
- Air gap thermal insulation
- Recyclable materials
- Low noise built-in silencer
- Energy saving quick drying
- Ozono friendly- no harmful emissions

1 year warranty valid in Australia.

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