Wahl Super Trimmer Rechargeable Cordless Professional Hair Trimmer 1592-0475

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Cordless clipper light and easy to handle.



- Very fine precision-ground stainless steel blade set
- Features a Quick-Change blade set system and low vibration DC motor with silencer.
- Up to 100 minutes of battery power with LED charge control display.
- Perfectly designed easy to use lightweight and cordless operation.
- Extremely quiet and smooth-running appliance for very sensitive animals
that react to the noise of normal clippers.
- Made in Germany.

Kit includes:

- Timmer
- Oil
- Cleaning Brush
- Charge Stand
- Charging Transformer
- 1 Variable attachment combo 3-6mm
- Instruction Booklet

(Contents of kit subject to change due to ongoing product improvements)

For best results and to avoid blunting your blades drop oil across the top blade before using them
and every 5 minutes when blades are on used (Use Wahl Clipper oil or another special blade oil).

1 year warranty valid in Australia & New Zealand.

For warranty information, please click here!

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