The Challenge

Cancer is a major cause of death in Australia and substantially impacts not only an individual but also their family, friends and the community.

The individual diagnosed with cancer goes through an intensely personal experience and only has to deal with the possible impact of the diagnosis on their own mortality but also how to cope with their illness and to move forward following diagnosis and treatment. For some, this will mean learning how to live with cancer and for others who are potentially cured, how to live with uncertainties and the many other issues of survivorship. Most people go through an emotional rollercoaster and need ongoing psychological support by knowledgeable, sympathetic and caring individuals.

We are proud to call Life Force Cancer Foundation our charity of choice as they are offering a community-based holistic recovery model, supporting patients with cancer and their families through various programs such as therapies, support groups, workshops, meetings, events, seminars and retreats.

In the month of September, SSS HAIR will donate $1 from every online order to Life Force Cancer Foundation.


  • Shop as usual;
  • Checkout as normal;
  • SSS HAIR gives back $1 from each transaction to the LIFE FORCE charity.
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