Wahl Complete Cut Pro Hair Clipper, Detail Trimmer & Personal Trimmer- WA09243-6612

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This kit includes a hair clipper with self-sharpening precision ground blades, a full size trimmer, a personal trimmer, and attachments. 


  1. Self-Sharpening precision ground blades stay sharp longer
  2. Adjustable taper lever on the hair clipper allows customization of cutting lengths
  3. 8 guides from 3mm to 25mm, plus left and right ear tapers make it easy to get the perfect cut. 
  4. Ergonomic shape of the hair clipper allows holding and cutting at different angles effortlessly 
  5. Compact detail trimmer is perfect for detailing, touch ups, and facial grooming
  6. Personal trimmer is perfect for detailing and trimming nose and ear hairs
  7. Easy, rinse-clean, personal trimmer blades

2 year warranty valid in Australia & New Zealand 


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