Wahl POWER GRIP Pet/Animal/Horse Clipper Professional Cored 2 Speed WA8879-212W

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This appliance is intended for trimming purposes only

Wahl's Power Grip 2-speed professional trimmer is the perfect combination of power and function. The Power Grip comes equipped with Wahl's exclusive PowerDrive® Performance system that keeps blades cool when clipping even the thickest of coats and running quietly to keep noise sensitive animals comfortable and calm. Constant speed control provides excellent torque and power to bring you an effortless cutting experience.

Specifically designed for durability, comfort, and ease-of-use, the Power Grip's slim, ultra-lightweight body style effortlessly rolls in your hand for comfortable clipping at any angle. The rounded housing allows hair to easily fall away from both the blade and clipper, eliminating clogging and snagging.

Attached is our #10W Ultimate Extra Wide Series Blade which features a 1.8mm cutting length, which is designed to provide a smooth cut and show quality finish. This blade is wider than our standard blades in the competition range and will cut through more of the animal’s coat in a shorter amount of time for increased efficiency.

Blade #10W is Ideal for body clipping and trimming horses, large dog breeds and livestock.

Please note, the blade 10W does not allow the use of combs. If combs are required, a blade without W is needed.

Key Features

  • Extra Wide Blade: Our #10W Extra Wide Ultimate Competition Blade features a 1.8mm (1/16”) cutting length to provide a smooth cut and show quality finish
  • Constant Speed Control: Automatically delivers more power and torque to cut through the thickest of coats without bulking down
  • PowerDrive Performance: Professional 2 speed (3,000 & 4,000 SPM)  trimmer designed to bring you maximum power with utmost dependability

Kit Includes: Power Grip 2-Speed Clipper, detachable #10W Ultimate Extra Wide blade set, hard storage/travel case, drive tip removal tool, two extra replacement drive tips, cleaning brush, blade oil.

Make your clipper last:
Help maintain the longevity of your clipper by using the cleaning brush provided and regularly oiling the blades with Wahl Clipper Oil. Additionally, make sure the animal is clean before clipping, as this will give you a better cutting experience and ensure durability of the blades.

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