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This Premium Clipper is very easy to use to ensure your pet’s nails are trimmed properly.

Designed with a blade guide, heavy-duty spring for precision and an ergonomic grip for comfort and control, this clipper has been popular among all groomers! Store in a safe place out of children's reach. 

Key Features

  • Easy to use with sharp blades for precision
  • Blade Guide Included
  • Heavy-Duty Spring
  • Safety Lock

Directions: Check nails to locate the interior blood vessel ("quick"). On light-coloured nails, the "quick" is easily see inside the broad bade of the nail. On dark nails, it can be seen on the nail's underside. Be sure to avoid trimming into the "quick".

Hold the pet's paw securely with one hand and the clipper should be in the other hand. With the clipper facing towards you, squeeze the rubber grip handles together and slide the small lever located near the coil spring. Sliding the lever to the right will unlock the clipper so you can trim the nails. Position the claw into the clipper opening using the blade guide as needed. Trim off a little of each nail.

If bleeding occurs, use styptic liquid/powder. If you experience trouble, ask your pet supply dealer, groomer, or veterinarian for advice on nail trimming. 

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