Wahl Pro Series Li+ Body Groomer 3025122

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Wahl’s Pro Series Body Groomer is the complete head to toe body groomer with a 4-hour run time from a full charge. The Pro Series Body Groomer features three head attachments, the stainless steel T-blade, a dual foil shaver with cutter bar, and a vertical trimmer


  • Stainless Steel T-Blade: Perfect for body grooming with a 0.4mm cut
  • Dual Foil Shaver: Gives a smooth, super close finish. Safer to use ‘down under’
  • Vertical Trimmer: Ideal for removal of unwanted ear, nose and eyebrow hair
  • All head attachments are detachable and washable
  • 10-position guide comb allows you to easily adjust cutting lengths from 2mm to 11mm using just the one attachment

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