Wahl Ultimate Competition Blade Fits KMSS KM2 KM5 KM10 KM clippers

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Wahl’s Ultimate Competition Series blade

Wahl’s Ultimate Competition Series blade sets provide 2.5 times faster show quality cutting than the original Wahl Competition Series blade sets.Ultimate Competition Series blade sets are designed for smooth feeding that leaves no clipper tracks. They are made with hardened steel for durable and long lasting blades that stay sharp.

Fine Tooth Blades give a finer finished look to the coat. These are best used on fine and soft coats, for example any fluffy breeds. The final clip will be very even looking and really smooth. Fine tooth blades are distinguished by the letter “F” after the number, for example 3F, 4F, 7F. These blades will work beautifully for dogs whose coats are regularly clipped and/or brushed, however will not work on a matted dog or breeds with a thick undercoat. 
A Skip Tooth Blade helps feed the hair into the cutting blade more effectively plus it is good for a rough cut prior to washing the dog. It can certainly be used for the finished cut – it just leaves the dog’s coat with a more layered look but it still looks neat and tidy. It will probably be necessary to use a short skip tooth blade on a dog who is matted or very close to the skin.
A Coarse Blade is generally a blade that offers slightly wider space between the teeth on the blade that groomers can use on coarse, thick and matted coats to help feed the coat better through the blade teeth.

Surgical Blade has a length that is used for more detailed clipping, such as under belly, paws and ears. It’s also ideal for a clean shave and surgical preparation.

This blade set fits all Wahl, Oster & Andis Detachable Style Clippers.

Chose the blade from the following options:

#3F - 10mm (25/64")
#4 - 8mm (5/16")
#4F - 8mm (5/16")
#5 - 6mm (15/16")
#5F - 6mm (15/16")
#5FW - 6mm (15/16")
#7 - 4mm (5/32")
#7F - 4mm (5/32")
#8.5 - 2.8mm (1/8")
#9 - 2mm (5/64")
#10 - 1.8mm (1/16")
#10W - 1.8mm (1/16")
#15 - 1.5mm (3/64")
#30 - 0.8mm (1/32")
#40 - 0.6mm (3/128")
#50 - 0.4mm (1/64")

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