Hair Colour Trends in 2023

Coolest Hair Colour Trends of 2023!

As we stride further ahead into this year, it is always fun as a fashion enthusiast to explore the latest trends that are conquering the beauty world. From flaunting a bold statement to gearing up your everyday look, there’s something for everyone.

Over the past several years, there has been a plethora of eye-catching hair colour trends starting from classic highlights to bold statement colours such as neon pink or electric blue. But, in recent years with the introduction of techniques like balayage and ombre, there has been an inclination towards more natural and subtle hues. That said, bold and daring hair colour trends are still not passé.

In this blog, we will be exploring the hair colour trends of this year that are recommended by global experts. Therefore, if you are looking for inspiration for the latest hair colour trends or which one to choose to stay in vogue, keep reading!

Hi Lift Hair ColoursHi Lift Hair Colours

Sandy Blonde: Characterised by a neutral undertone, this shade will suit different skin tones and eye colours. Focusing on soft contrast and golden tones, this hair colour shade gives an incredibly natural look. However, achieving the hair colour can be a time-consuming and costly process.

Copper Red: Starting from fiery reds to beep burgundy and warm auburn, all the shades of red will be widely accepted in 2023. A standout hue, copper is going to be a midpoint for people with blonde and brunette hair and can be the perfect mid-shade if they aren’t prepared to switch to a fully dark or light shade. Celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid were spotted flaunting this shade.

Adore Copper Red Hair ColourAdore Copper Red Hair Colour
Hair Colour FashionHair Colour Fashion

Candlelit Brunette: If you are looking for the perfect option to add both dimension and lustre to flat and single-toned hair, this hair colour is the best option for you. Using low-contrast and mid-tone highlights, this shade adds a warm and reflective touch like that of candlelight.

Barbie Blonde: This shade is undoubtedly going to be a huge hit this summer, especially after the release of Greta Gerwig’s Barbie in July. This shade is going to be characterised by a warmer, golden-blonde hue. To flaunt the trend perfectly, the lengths, ends, and bases of your hair should be evenly coloured in bright blonde. You can see Gigi Hadid’s latest warm blonde shade that gives her a Barbie look.

Fudge Blonde Hair ColourFudge Blonde Hair Colour
Revlon Gemini HairsRevlon Gemini Hairs

Gemini Hair: Think Billie Eilish’s dark hair base with neon green shades. That’s the perfect example of Gemini hair. Drawing inspiration from the sun sign ‘Gemini’, this two-tone hair colour trend is a mix of natural hair colour with bright shades. This hair colour will give you a unique look, allowing you to express your personality. A renowned hairdresser recommends hues of pink, purple, green, and blue for dark hair and blue, green, red, yellow, and black for light hair. If you are concerned about your hair getting impacted post-colour treatment, opt for natural shades that are not only safer comparatively but are easy to maintain. 

Glossy Brunette: ‘Brown is boring’ is a myth. Hair colour is all about the finish. A glossy brown hair gives the perfect chic and sophisticated look. All you need to do to get the glossy look would be to hydrate your hair using hair masks, serums, and oils. For people with brunette hair, a cool-toned brown dye is a perfect option that would give the bright, glossy look. For example, Kate Middleton’s glossy brunette hair colour. 

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Hair Colour RefresherHair Colour Refresher

Peachy Rose: Along with platinum blonde and ash hues, peachy rose is going to be wildly popular this year. Perfect for anyone looking to transition into a fun outlook, this is the perfect shade to shift from the winter to spring and summer look. Perfect for blonde hair, this hair colour would look equally amazing on dark-haired individuals, although achieving the look can be a challenge. However, you would need to dye your hair a bit brighter than the goal colour as this shade would tone down after a few washes. Also, ensure that you use a moisturising shampoo that would protect your hair from damage. Experts also recommend adding deeper colour in the lower lengths of your hair to add dimension.

Wrapping Up,

If you have your chosen shade down for this year, you need to choose the right hair colour brand.

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