Purchasing Hair Straightener

Flaunting straight and sleek hair is a desirable look for most people in today’s world. Hair straighteners, also known as flat irons are a popular hair styling tool designed to achieve smooth, straight, and sleek hairstyles. Used to straighten curly, way or frizzy hair by heating the hair shaft, these devices are widely popular because of their versatility and convenience, allowing individuals to transition from curly hair to straight hair or frizzy to smooth hair in just a few minutes. These hair accessories are mostly made of popular materials like ceramic, titanium, and tourmaline, of which, ceramic-plated hair straighteners have gained the most popularity because of their even heat distribution and their ability to minimise hair damage. For individuals with thick hair, titanium-plated straighteners work best as they provide high heat and glide through the hair smoothly. If you have frizzy hair, then opt for a device with tourmaline plates as they not just reduce frizz but add shine to hair. 

With technological advancement, modern-day hair straighteners are more efficient, fast, and safe; and they come with adjustable temperature settings, designed to suit different hair types. These straighteners have quick heat-up times and automatic shut-off that prevents overheating. 

Regardless of your age and hair type, the hair straightener is an essential tool in the beauty industry. However, with the availability of numerous hair straighteners, it can be challenging to pick the right one that is not just affordable but provides the result you are looking for.

In this blog, we have enlisted the factors that you need to consider while purchasing a hair straightener.

5 Factors to Consider while Purchasing a Hair Straightener

Plate Material: The first and prime factor that you need to consider while purchasing a hair straightener is the material of the plate. Primarily, there are four types of plate materials for hair straighteners- ceramic plates, titanium plates, ceramic-coated plates, and tourmaline plates. 

Ceramic plates are excellent at retaining and maintaining high temperatures, ensuring that the heat is distributed uniformly throughout the plates. These plates reduce tangles and add lustre to your hair by reducing frizz.

Titanium plates not only heat quickly but also retain the temperature for quite some time. These hair straighteners are lightweight and gentle on the hair ends, making them a perfect option for people with damaged or coarse hair. 

Titanium Plate Hair StraightenerTitanium Plate Hair Straightener
Ceramic Titanium 25mm hair StraightenerCeramic Titanium 25mm hair Straightener

Unlike ceramic plates, hair straighteners with ceramic-coated plates are usually metal with a ceramic coating. Hence, the heat doesn’t always get distributed evenly. Albeit they do not heat to the same temperature or retain heat to the same level as ceramic plates. 

Tourmaline plates are new and comparatively more expensive than the rest. Usually, the tourmaline gemstone is crushed and used on a flat iron on top of ceramic, making the ceramic even smoother than ever. These plates ensure lesser hair damage and are known for their durability and high-temperature maintenance. 

Remington Super Glide Hair StraightenerRemington Super Glide Hair Straightener

Plate Width: Another crucial factor that needs to be considered while purchasing a hair straightener would be the width of the plate as it determines how much hair can be straightened at a time. For people with long and thick hair, hair straighteners with wide plates are the right choice but if you have short or thin hair, you can opt for the devices with narrower plates.

ghd hair straightenersghd hair straighteners
Silver Bullet hair straightenersSilver Bullet hair straighteners

Temperature Settings: In today’s world, hair straighteners with adjustable temperatures are immensely preferred as they provide you with the convenience to customise the heat depending on your hair type and styling requirements. For example, fine or damaged hair should be straightened at lower temperatures to prevent more heat damage. Contrarily, coarse or thick hair should be straightened at higher temperatures to achieve the desired results. Hence, it is always advisable to pick a hair straightener with multiple temperature settings.

Heat-up Time: If you are looking for a hair straightener on a budget, ensure that you check the time it takes to heat up. Since some hair straighteners take several minutes to heat up, it can get quite frustrating especially if you are in a hurry. Therefore, it is more convenient to pick a device that heats up quickly, allowing you to focus on styling your hair in a shorter time span.

Muk hair straightenersMuk hair straighteners
Silver Bullet Hair StraightenerSilver Bullet Hair Straightener

Brand Reputation and Warranty: Like every other electronic device, it is necessary for a buyer to check for the reputation of the brand and the warranty it provides. Hair straighteners from a reputed brand are more likely to be of superior quality. Additionally, devices that come with longer warranty periods give more peace of mind in case the straightener becomes faulty.

In the End,

Purchasing a hair straightener isn’t a daunting task. The aforementioned factors are enough to fetch you the perfect product that would meet both your styling needs and suit your budget perfectly.

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