Olaplex No.2 Professional 2 Litres / 67.62oz with pump.

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The OLAPLEX Stand-Alone Treatment produces instant great results on all hair types including virgin and naturally curly hair. If your hair is curly, from open curl to super curly, the treatment will help to redefine your curls. After a treatment your hair will feel incredible, be frizz free, have more manageability making it easier to style, and look healthy and shiny. Ask for the OLAPLEX Stand-Alone Treatment at your salon today!


70 applications about 1/2oz per application. This is the second step of the Olaplex system and usually done at the bowl. This is applied generously after all processing has been completed and rinsed. (or shampooed) then towel-dried. You may saturate the hair thoroughly with the Diluted Olaplex Formula beforehand for even better results. Leave on for a minimum of 5 minutes and then without rinsing apply a generous amount (average ½oz or 15ml) and comb through. Leave on the hair for a minimum of 10 to 20 minutes,. The No.2 Bond Perfector also serves as a great cutting lotion. We always ask that this be rinsed, shampooed and conditioned before the client leaves the salon. It may be left on for a longer period of time and shampooed and conditioned at home. However, we always recommend that you shampoo and condition after as this is dealing with the internal structure of the hair. External still must be addressed using your favorite shampoos and conditioners. You may do a deep conditioning treatment after the No.2 has been applied.

Side note: We do have a ½ Gallon (2000ml) back bar size available. This allows for 104 generous applications.

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